A Note about the Header Image

The header is part of a larger image (see below) created for me by an artist named Daniel Schenström. Many years ago, he and I got to know each other over the Internet. I was looking for art for my world and he was looking to get his name out into the world. I agreed to promote his works in return for the art that he did for me. While we haven’t kept in touch, I continue to highlight his artwork in many of my posts whether it be on E.N. World or Facebook or The Piazza. I will continue to do so here as part of Kulan World Journal.

The image below is of a unnamed group of psionic knights from the continent of Janardûn. The group has never had a back story within my world, as I don’t work on the details of the continent very often. The nearby Lands of Harqual tend to get most of my focus, but the image draws me back to the Psionic Lands from time to time. This image is one of the best images that Daniel did for me.


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