How I got Here

I had hoped to use the blogging function on The Wizards Community, but the restrictive Terms of Use for the web site meant that I wouldn’t be able to properly use it as I would need it. Thus, I decided a WordPress blog would be a better choice for World of Kulan. While background and rules material for the world exists on many other web sites, it has never had ts own blog. I did toy with the blog feature on E.N. World for a while but what I created there was never meant to showcase Kulan, specifically.

For those of you who have spent time looking through my forums on E.N. World and on The Piazza, you will recognize the name of this blog as the title I had meant to give to a Kulan e-zine in PDF format. After I announced my intention to create the e-zine, I soon realize that it would be impossible for me to create even a bi-annual PDF e-zine all on my own. It was an unrealistic goal. A blog will be easier for me to manage, although I expect my postings to be sporadic, as they always are when it comes to my roleplaying projects.

Kulan World Journal won’t be a refined e-zine-style blog, however. It will be my musings, as I had planned for a Wizards Community blog. Here on this web site, I’ll be able to talk about all the world’s aspects whether inspired by D&D canon or by the d20 System and the OGL or by the writings of others. I’ll be able to look back at the world’s beginning as a AD&D 2E world and consider some D&D 5E options as well. You should expect a lot of links to other web sites where I have already done a significant amount of work for World of Kulan. and questions will likely lead to tangents as I try to answer them. The more questions I get, the more likely I am to write my next article. (But no promises.)

Kulan World Journal is here.

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