The Lands of Harqual

Before anything else on Kulan there was the Lands of Harqual.

The world began on this continent (a large island, really), and the landmass has been an obsession of mine ever since. The world began as an AD&D 2E campaign setting and it was where my friends and I created the characters who would I would later call The Companions (in homage to Dragonlance). However, these characters weren’t heroic in mind and spirit (except maybe Mojo). They were more antiheroes with dark thoughts and ruthless intentions.

Dabuk Tigerstorm, a male chaotic good/neutral half-elven ranger with the stalker kit, was the de facto leader of the group. This had a lot to do with my friend’s desire to play him as a jaded character obsessed with killing ogres. Gerald is a great roleplayer, but he likes to drive a game the way his character wants to go. At the time, it worked since the world was brand new and I didn’t know what was out there. Dabuk raged across the continent cutting down ogres in bloody triumph. He dragged most of the others into danger.

If there was a second in command, it was Bactra Redwind — a male neutral elven wizard with the peasant hero kit. Bactra was played by my good friend Dan who shaped Bactra into a very unique character. Bactra often fell into human vices and had a weakness for the ladies. However, he wasn’t a peacock. When it came to magic, he was serious about the Balance and about his people. He was irate after his homeland shut itself away from the world.

The third PC was Jeddar Silversun who was played, for a time, by my friend David. David was a reluctant gamer, so when he left, Jeddar became a short-lived DMPC. I was angry at Dave for leaving the game, which I took out on poor Jeddar. It was a mistake I still regret. Jeddar was a male neutral good half-elven bard with the blade kit. His death was tragic and harsh.

Besides these three main PCs, two major NPCs started out in the game — Dvalin Thunderstone and Mesik Tindertwig. Dvalin was a male dwarven fighter. Mesik was a male halfling thief. I don’t believe they ever had kits in AD&D 2E. Other NPCs would join the cast of characters and both Dan and Gerald would run a second PC alongside the others. More on them at a later date.

These five characters helped define what the Lands of Harqual would become. I’ve written about there adventures, which can be read on E.N. World. my Tales of the Companions Story Hour is no where near complete and I’ve taken some liberties with the story line (due to lack of notes). Ignore the part that says last updated — old threads on E.N. World cannot have there titles modified properly.

After the campaign ended, Harqual grew substantially and new adventures were run as part of a D&D v.3.5 campaign that used the Shackled City Adventure Path. I’ve also run PbP campaigns set on the contient but only one of them still endues, and it even had a five year hiatus. My Aerie of the Crow God game is being run on E.N. World and new heroes hope to make a name for themselves in the Lands of Harqual. I do have another PbP game, but it isn’t set on Harqual.

The Lands of Harqual

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