Bactra Redwind

Bactra is fairly unique amongst his people.Bactra Redwind

The forest elves of the Knotwood were known to be insular and mistrustful of outsiders. Very few of their kind ever chose to leave the Great Forest of Harqual, yet Bactra wanted to see the world beyond the forested lands. He wasn’t the first of his family to do so, but he was the first to leave due to circumstance. His father fought in the ogre wars, but it wasn’t a choice. It was a matter of survival.

Bactra chose to leave for the human world of the Eastern Shores. The act made him famous (some would say infamous) amongst his people. His departure broke so many taboos that he rarely found himself welcome when he returned to visit his family. It didn’t help that his little sister Teal and (eventually) his cousin Joshian (Dabuk’s half-brother) also took up the adventuring lifestyle.

The young people of Bactra’s family were leaving the fold and the elders of the Knotwood blamed Bactra’s cousin Dabuk for leading Bactra and Teal astray. The last time when he and Dabuk returned, the elders confiscated an artifact they had found and forbid Bactra to leave again or his permanent exile. Bactra was furious! He chose exile with his cousin and even his sister left the Knotwood permanently.

Bactra traveled with Dabuk and the other Companions for years before they were all magically summoned back from The Fallenlands by the World Goddess, Mirella. Why she did this still remains unclear, but it was soon afterwards that Bactra learned that the Knotwood had fallen into darkness. Demons ruled his forest homeland and hundreds of his people — including all the elders — were transformed into blood elves.

While several members of his family managed to flee the magical curse to the Kingdom of the Silver Leaves, he still doesn’t know what happened to two of his younger siblings, his brother Minonus and his sister Jasiliana. Bactra fights the demons and his fallen kin in order to purify the Knotwood and find his lost siblings. He fears that they have become blood elves, but he refuses to give up the search until he knows for sure.

Bactra is a bit of a lothario. He has had several lovers in his life and has at least three children. It is quite possible that he has sired other children, but he rarely concerns himself with such possibilities. He is more concerned with his eldest child, Sailminuthus, a half-elf named for Bactra’s great grandfather. Sail’s human mother, Amia Darthington, lives with Bactra’s family in Silverleaf. While she and Bactra aren’t married, they do love each other and have a second child — a daughter named Samra. His other child’s mother is a hunter elf from the Verdalf Forest. He rarely sees his other son, Dabukian, even though he often fights alongside the child’s mother, Maghania, against demons and blood elves.

Abbrev. v.3.5 Stats: Bactra Redwind (Neutral male forest elf, Wizard 12 / Scout 5): hp 72 *, AC 24; Str 16 (+3), Dex 18 (+4), Con 14 (+2), Int 18 (+4), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 10 (+0). Familiar: an opossum named Spot. * Hit points need to be recalculated for level changes that I’m going to make.

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