The Fallenlands

First thing you should know: I really like both Al-Qadim and Dark Sun.

The Fallenlands is an homage to both settings — well, sort of. There are savage halflings and thri-kreen, as well as genies. After that, it gets a lot more complicated. There are nagpas and hengeyokai and kenkus and the bakemono. No, it isn’t also an homage to Mystara or Kara-Tur. The nagpas of the Fallenlands aren’t cursed humans. They are a race of long-lived beings who fill the niche normally given to elves. The other races are related to their Eastern cousins, but the races have their own culture based on the unique nater of the Fallenlands.

Humans are rare on the continent. The native human populations are limited to a group known as the Cyradi. These underground dwelling humans are based on the humans from the BECMI module The Lost City. All other humans on the continent are interlopers from other lands. These foreigners are considered unwelcome by the jann who dominate the verdant lands of the continent. As a result, most non-Cyradi humans are slaves to the jann. Hengeyokai also face considerable racism from the jann since it is believe that their origins are human.

The halfings of the Fallenlands don’t have the same stigma attached to their people. Regardless, the Sahne care little for how they are perceived by those living in the cities of the jann. They live to wander and the continent’s expansive deserts is home to them. They will trade with the cities, but the number of Sahne people who have ever willingly entered a city can be counted on one of the Kins fingers and toes. Very few races consider the Sahne to be their enemies. Relations with kenkus and the bakemono are the least cordial.

Kenkus are renown traders on the continents, although nagpas call them thieves. (The two races don’t like each other.) Rivalry is a way of life for Fallenlanden kenkus. And sometimes a rivalry ends with daggers — that is just the reality of life. Kenkus do not do anything without being paid for the work. They, like most races of the Fallenlands, are not fond of the bakemono, although they do tolerate the wing goblins known as the Baklath. If money is involved, kenkus can deal with just about anyone.

The bakemono of the Fallenlands are very much like their kin in the Eastern Lands of Kanpur. However, their lives are more brutal and can be short. As a result, they try to blend into the background in order to avoid the wrath of those who believe they are better than the bakemono. Also, the desert is a harsh place to live and the bakemono resist the temptation to betray others whie traveling the wastes. They do this to protect their own lives not out of a sense of honor. When it the cities, however, all bets are off.

There are many more races that call the Fallenlands home and now that the magical barriers that once isolated the continent from the world have mysteriously vanished, the number of new peoples is increasing each year. The races of the western lands of Kanpur see the Fallenlands as fertile new ground for exploitation. Pirates from Merria now sink the ships of the jann. Traders from both Harqual and Triadora seek new profits on the shores of the Fallenlands. The continent is quickly regaingi its old nickname from ages past — the Center of the World.

The Fallenlands

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