Janardûn: The Psionic Lands

When i created Kulan, I knew i wanted to create a land that was dominated by psionics. However, I didn’t want a continent as large as Harqual, although I wanted it to be near Kulan’s first continent. Janardûn was designed to be Harqual’s opposite. The Lands of Harqual is psionics poor, as Mind Magic is considered taboo by many Harqualian lands. The lands on the western coast of Harqual tend to be more accepting of psions and psychic warriors due to Janardûn’s influence.

The Psionic Lands have along lost link to Harqual, which I’ll save for another time.

Janardûn’s civilization revolves around The Republic. This republic has no longstanding name that has lasted through the centuries. It is merely called The Republic by the people who live on the continent. While the Republic is a human construct, it includes almost all civilized races who live on Janardûn — the Aaleear, cyclops, dragonborn, the Dorvesh, dwarves, elans & synads, githzerai, rakastas & kitts, the Shoyir, the Zenythri, etc.

There are many more races who live on the Kulan’s smallest continent, although many of these unique folk are found on one of the many islands that are packed tightly around Janardûn. For example, most of the fey races, such as fremlins, kercpas, pixies, and satyrs, live on the islands along the northwestern coasts of the continent. There are exceptions, however, especially when it comes to fremlins. As a result, Janardûn has one of the largest populations of civilized Feytouched on the world.

Races that forgo the protects of The Republic are often its rivals. These dark peoples follow the commands of the unique ogre mages of Janardûn. Unlike the ogre mages of the Eastern Lands of Kanpur, these ogre mages are always psionic. Evil to the core and unwilling to share Janardûn with the peoples of The Republic, the ogre mages and their allies — such as athachs, ettins, darkwings, ogre giants, quicklings, and wild dwarves — constantly work to undermine the Council of the House (ruling body) and Insightful Order of the Republic (psionic knights).

Note, however, that not all races that choose independence are thralls of the ogre mages. There are races that stick to their more traditional lifestyles or are too alien to be brought into the civilization of The Republic — such as the Makesh, the Qin, skarrens, tieflings, the Tuskarr, and the Ubi. And there are dark beings on Janardûn that not only oppose The Republic but also the ogre mages. Most of these rare souls are touched by the arcane in twisted ways.

Janardûn: The Psionic Lands

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