Plane Shift: Sigil in the Mirrored Cosmology

Sigil, the City of Doors.

In the Mirrored Cosmology, Sigil is, even more, the center of everything. Yes, that is what the citizens of The Cage think, but it is also fairly true. There are portals in Sigil that can take a character anywhere in the Multiverse — known and unknown. The city is home to such a wide variety of peoples and other things that it has become a melting pot of beliefs, ideals, and, yes, even prejudices.

Faiths are strong in this version of The Cage, and gods that are unknown (or dead) in the standard Planescape cosmology have a place in the Mirrored Cosmology’s version of Sigil. Aoskar, for example, is alive and well in this cosmology. What is the Shattered Temple in Planescape is still the Great Temple of Doors in the Mirrored Cosmology. Aoskar made no play for Sigil in this cosmology, although the dabus now known as “Fell” still fell out his lord’s favor. (Fell was rejected by Aoskar.) Many in the city do worship Aoskar, but few have ever believed that the Keeper of Gateways has ever wished to have overt control over Sigil.

For while portals are vital to Sigil, there are also the floating piers.

Sigil is a port city in as much as it is a portal city. The floating piers allow egress into the city for airships, flying creatures, and spelljammers. Visitors must leave their vessels tied to the piers and travel to the City of Doors on aerial skiffs controlled by the dabus. Docking fees can be quite expensive, and if a visitor can’t pay the fee for the full time, said visitor can soon find themselves sold to fiends or maybe just have to give up their ship. Despite the risks, sky travelers visit the City of Doors every day at all hours. The Spirelands offer an alternate route to Sigil for those who don’t trust portals or wish to pay the tolls collected by the priests of Aoskar on behalf of the Lord of Agony.

With so much aerial traffic to and from Sigil, it was obvious that faiths to gods of travel would find a place in The Cage. The most powerful travelers’ faith in the city is that of Ptah, an Egyptian god with connections to various Material Planes. The Temple of Ptah has its own floating pier and it’s faithful consider Sigil to be a mecca-like locale for their faith. Another travelers’ faith in the city is that of an alien god from another universe known as Celestian. This god of Stars, Space, and Wanderers is popular amongst the crews of spelljamming ships. Little is known about the god’s plane of origin other than he is known to be something called an “Oeridian.” Planar scholars often debate what being Oeridian means. Could it be a world or a race? Do Oeridians gods have worshipers on multiple worlds like the Olympian gods? No one is sure and devoted followers of Celestian only know about his Spelljamming faith in this universe.

Other major faiths in the City of Doors includes but aren’t limited to the following: the Abyss (demon lords), Amaterasu, Apollo, Bahamut, Boccob, the Celts, Corellon, Daragor, Garl, Gruumsh, Io, Mirella, Moradin, and the Spiral Cathedral.

Sigil, The City of Doors

Planar Metropolis
Other Names: City of Doors, The Cage
Political/Religious Affiliations: Lord of Agony (major, enigmatic); the dabus (major); the factions (major); the church of Amaterasu (major); the church of Apollo (major); the church of Baravar (minor); the church of Boccob (major); the church of Bragga (minor); the church of Celestian (minor); the church of Corellon (major); the church of Daragor (major, in hiding); the church of Garl (major); the church of Gruumsh (major); the church of Heim (minor); the church of Hermes (minor); the church of Io (major); the church of Maglubiyet (minor); the church of Mirella (major); the church of Moradin (major); the church of Muamman (minor); the church of Pelor (minor); the church of Wotan (minor); the church of Xan Yae (minor); the Great Temple of Doors (major); the Grove of Erik (minor); the shrine of Athena (minor); the shrine of Bahamut (major); the shrine of Diancastra (minor); the shrine of Koriel (minor); the shrine of Osiris (minor); the shrine of Zeus (minor); the Spiral Cathedral (major); the temple of Modrons (major); the temple of Ptah (major); the temple of the Abyss (major); the temple of the Celts (major); the temple of the Celestial Bureaucracy (minor); the temple of the Titans (minor); the Vedic Hall (minor); and the Zen Garden of Kanishi (minor).
Power Centers: Monstrous (outsider); nonstandard (factions); magical (arcane/divine).
Alignment: Neutral.

Population: 250,000
Demographics: Integrated [37% human, 20% planetouched (aasimars, tieflings, etc.), 15% other outsiders (celestials, fiends, etc.), 10% demihumans (dwarves, elves, etc.), 10% goblinoids (bugbears, goblins, etc.), 5% cat races (kitts, rakasta, etc.), 3% other races]
City Type (pop. 5,001+ only): Unknown.
Fortified?: Not applicable.
Epic?: Yes.

GP Limit: 600,000 gp
Assets: 7,500,000,000 gp
Main Import: Planewakers and their goods & beliefs.
Main Export: Same.

Authority Figure: Lord of Agony [N male 20 HD outsider, fighter 20/sorcerer 20 (mysterious ruler of Sigil; not a god)] (1).
Important Characters: A’kin [NE male 12 HD arcanaloth (owner of the magic shop known as The Friendly Fiend)]; Cuatha Da’nanin [LG male half-elf, ranger 15 (Sensate)]; Duke Rowan Darkwood [CG male human, ranger 12/cleric 14 (Heim) (factol of the Fated)]; Erin Darkflame Montgomery [LG female human, cleric 9 (Diancecht) (factol of the Society of Sensation)]; Eyebrarian [N genderless 10 HD outsider, cleric 10 (Boccob)/wizard 10 (strange leader of the Library of Boccob)] (2); Kylie the Tout [N female tiefling, rogue 8 (Indep) (guildmistress of the Guild of Touts)]; Grundlethum Blackdagger [LN male human, wizard 15 (Indep) (owner of Grundlethum’s Automatic Scribe)]; Laril Zasskos [CN female githzerai, wizard 14 (Anarchist) (owner of the bathhouse known as The Fire Pits)]; and Shemeshka the Marauder [NE female 12 HD arcanaloth (king of the cross-trade, information broker)].
Other Characters: Marda Farambler [CG female halfling, commoner 1/expert 1 (owner of the cider shop known as The Greengage)]; Ralff [N male tiefling, rogue 8 (Signer) (a discreet tout)]; Tarras yn Beza el Xan Yae [LN male human, fighter 6/cleric 5 (Xan Yae) (Sensate)] (1), Traban [LG male dwarf, fighter 1 (owner of Traban’s Forge)], and Zegonz Vlaric [CE male githzerai, fighter 3/wizard 4 (Bleaker) (owner of the tavern known as The Styx Oarman)].
Organizations: The Factions [Athar, Believers of the Source, Bleak Cabal, Doomguard, Dustmen, Fated, Fraternity of Order, Free League, Harmonium, Mercykillers, Revolutionary League, Sign of One, Society of Sensation, Transcendent Order, Xaositects]; Guild of Touts. More to be added.
Golden Lords: Alathan Windspear (1), Duprak Jarneesh, Estavan, Jeremo the Natterer, Olabrane (1), Shemeshka the Marauder (see above), Timmon d’Arlen, Wei Minh Lee, and Zadara the Titan.
Adventurers Welcome?: Yes

Notes: For more information on Sigil, see the Planescape Campaign Setting boxed set. There are many differences between my Sigil and the official one. For instance, my Sigil is ruled by the Lord of Agony, a less mysterious figure than the Lady of Pain. Plus, my Sigil is considered Epic. And there hasn’t been a Faction War in my version of Sigil.
1. Unique character for this version of Sigil.
2. New character inspired by the character of the same name in James “the Jester” Sutherland’s Cydra campaign.

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