Servant of the Shadow

A World of Kulan Short Story
By Robert Blezard

Haily wasn’t sure that she could pull it off. Her masters at the Angle’s Edge Thieves’ Guild had sent her out to procure an item they considered vital to their survival.

Sure, their survival. It’s not like they cared whether she lived or died. This Zultmir fellow is one of the most powerful wizards in the Kingdom of Stonn not to mention a rumored favorite of the Jealous Arcane. And any wizard that could attract the attention of Xuar, the God of Necromancy, is someone she would normally avoided like the plague.

Followers of Xuar are not known for their mercy.

Haily looked at the tower in front of her in awe and a whole lot of fear. The stone gargoyle next to her seemed to be mocking her. Calling her a coward and worse. Of course, it was all in her head. The gargoyle wasn’t alive. Just a convenient hiding spot cloaked in shadows on an adjacent roof to the necromancer’s tower.

“This is crazy.” The halfling shook her head in frustration. “I don’t even know if I can get in, let alone find it.”

But the guild had been adamant. Find the item or all was lost. They hadn’t even told her what it was she was supposed to steal. Oh, they had hinted that it was important to the Church of Kuil and the entire pantheon for that matter. All the more reason her stomach was now doing somersaults.

“The necromancer doesn’t know what he has.” Guildmaster Vendel had told this to her in his private room. “If he did it could lead to another war amongst the gods. We don’t dare speak the name of the object. But you’ll know it when you see it.”

She had been less then pleased. She wasn’t a devoted worshiper of the North Gods. Yes, Kuil is the patron of the Angle’s Edge. But that doesn’t mean she believes that the God of Rogues and Illusion cares whether or not she exists. The guild has always been a means to an end. And now that could be her fate, literally.

“Well, no sense wasting time.” Haily stood up putting a hand on the gargoyle. Staying in the shadows she waited until two Watchers passed by on the street below. “Time to get killed.”

The halfling deftly dropped down to the street below without a sound. She checked the street again while keeping to the shadows. Then she closed her eyes concentrating on the shadowed corner, cast by the street lamps, on the other side of the street that she had seen from above. Breathing slowly, she took a step and felt herself being pulled through the darkness to the other side of the street next to the necromancer’s tower.

She clenched her hands together fighting the fear that always came with shadow walking. It was a gift taught to all guild members of the Angle’s Edge. She hated it. It felt like ice was being shoved through her skin. But it came in handy when you needed to do something real risky like trying to break into an arcane tower. And this was the easy part.

“Oh forget it.” Haily clenched her teeth together. “Guild membership isn’t worth this.”

Haily slid away from the tower sprinting down a side alley. She’d have to leave the city of course. She’d have to leave everything she had behind. Start over. Somewhere else where she didn’t have to answer to the North Gods in order to steal for a living. There was always the southern lands or even the old cities of the Empire of Swords.

Haily ran through the back alleys of Stonn City keeping an eye out for Watchers and anyone who might recognize her. It wouldn’t take long for the guild or the Church of Kuil to learn that she had chose to leave without the bag.

She turned a corner and ran right into someone. She went down in a tangle of arms and legs with the other person.

“Ow,” Haily noticed that the person in front of her was one of her kind. A boy barely out of his diapers no less. “What hit me?”

The boy looked like he was about to pass out. He rubbed his forehead groaning in pain. Damn, she hadn’t been careful. Now she was in a situation that would lead them right to her. If the boy talked.

She reached for her dagger. Then she looked at the little halfling with her hand near the hilt of her blade. No matter whether or not she wasn’t part of the guild anymore, she couldn’t bring herself to murder an innocent child. Especially not one of her own kind. There are so few of us.

Haily let go of her dagger. She quickly stood up taking a quick look around to see if the Watchers had spotted them. She tried to help the boy up but his legs were too wobbly to stand. She picked him up carrying him into the shadows of a nearby alleyway.

“Are you all right child?” Her mother would have been proud, if she knew who her mother was.

“I-I think so,” The boy still couldn’t stand. “What happened?”

“You were out in the middle of the night. Wandering through the streets. I didn’t see you and ran right into you. What are you doing out at this time of night? Where’s your kin?”

“Kin, your not serious are you. I don’t have any halfling relatives. I’m on my own, okay.”

He seemed a little less fragile now that his head had cleared. “So you’re an orphan?”

“What about it?” The boy was becoming more hostile. “And what the heck are you running from, hmm?”

“Don’t sass your elders child.” Haily tried to dodge the question. “Halflings have to stick together.”

“Don’t call me a child. And you’re not my elder.”

“Why don’t we go to the Temple of Yondalla an ask the High Priestess if she agrees with you on that, hmm.”

“N-no, that’s all right. I’m sorry. I’m just a little sore, okay?”

“Fine. Now, where do you live?”

“Um, you’re looking at it.” The boy pats his clothes, turns around several times then sits down in the alley.

“You live in the streets. Of Stonn City. Do you take me for a fool? No one lives on the streets in this city. Not unless they want to go to prison or get thrown out of the city.”

“Well, I don’t really live here. I live wherever my feet take me. I’m just passing through, honest.”

Haily sighed crossing her arms in frustration. Great, all she needed right now was a halfling boy that she was now responsible for. The guild was going to catch her for sure.

“All right, I believe you. What’s your name?”


“Is that it?”

“Ya, why?”

The boy didn’t even have a last name. She should have done the job. At least that would have been safer.

“Okay, I’m going to get you out of the city. Then we’ll try and find a nice, quiet halfling community for you to settle down in.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Excuse me?” Haily was now starting to regret not sticking the little bugger with her dagger.

“You heard me. And don’t give me that Yondalla routine again. I know they’re as likely to make you do penance for being a thief.”

“What makes you think that?” Obviously, he’s brighter than he looks.

“Oh come on. You just scream thief-in-the-night. Don’t worry, I’ve pinched a few things in my time.”

“Oh really, you don’t look like you could even lift a dagger let alone a full purse of coins.”

“I’ll prove it to ya.”

Haily couldn’t help but admire him. Kyle had this cockiness about him that she once had a long time before having to deal with pantheon politics.

“I don’t have time for you to prove it to me.” Haily heard the sound of footsteps coming down the street. Watchers! “We have to go now.”

“Oh them, relax. Watch this.”

“Don’t-” She was too late. The little halfling bound out into the street like a cat. He went right up to the two Watchers coming into the lamplight.

“Damn it.” He’d end up in jail, of course. Watchers didn’t bargain. Haily stayed out of sight waiting for them to arrest the little bugger.


Haily didn’t understand it. Watchers are known for loving the sound of their own voices. The halfling rogue peeked out of the alley. Her jaw almost fell off.

The two watchers didn’t move, frozen in mid-step. Not only that. They were completely naked from top to bottom. Kyle had relieved them of all their clothes. He scampered back to the alley next to Haily giggling the whole way.

“How did you do that?” Haily was trying not to laugh.

Kyle snapped his fingers and the two guards continued walking down the street right by them in the buff. They didn’t even seem to realize what had happened.

“They’ll walk for a couple more blocks before snapping back into reality.” Kyle gave Haily a wry smile.

“I don’t understand. Who or what are you?”

“Don’t you know?”

“Come on, kid. I don’t have time for games.”

Kyle sighed. He seemed much older now. His face seemed older than anything she had ever seen before.

Haily backed away. “You’re not a halfling, are you?”

“I’m what you see, Haily but I’m also what you have never cared to see.”

“What?” Riddles, Haily hated riddles.

Kyle took her hand. She didn’t even try to resist. She couldn’t resist for some reason. Everything seemed to stop for moment and then Haily was standing in front of the necromancer’s tower. The rest of the city was gone. It was like they and the tower were alone in the world.

“And here we are again, Haily.” Kyle stood looking up at the tower with disgust. “Damn necromancers.”

Haily didn’t know what was real. Everything was a blur in her head. It didn’t make sense. She wasn’t standing on anything but yet she was standing.

Kyle knew her name but she hadn’t told him. Only her fellow guild members knew her true name. The halfling boy was larger than life in front of her. He turned at looked at her.

“O-oh my,” Haily felt her eyes watering with tears. “Lord K-Kuil…”

“My child.” The boy in front of her vanished. Replaced by the power of the God of Rogues and Illusions. She felt like her heart would explode her skin burn away from His radiance. “The Pantheon needs you Haily. I need you.”

“But I-I’m just a thief.” Haily was on her knees her hands clasped in front of her chest. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from Him. She didn’t feel worthy to be near him.

“You are more than worthy, child. You are one of my most gifted followers. And I am sorry that you felt neglected. I have meant to come to see you often but didn’t realize how fragile your faith was until you decided to run away.”

Haily was sobbing uncontrollably before her God. He was her God now. She felt it now like nothing she’d ever felt before in her life. It was amazing and intoxicating.

“I don’t understand why you don’t just take the item away from the necromancer. He couldn’t stop you even if he tried.”

“It isn’t that simple, dear Haily. No god is meant to possess it except the All-Mother. It could corrupt me. Besides, if I intervened directly in this matter then Xuar would know. He would become aware of the item and seize it for himself. That is what could destroy the world and that is what must never happen. That is why I need you, my dear.”

“But surely a more experienced thief would be more likely to succeed.”

“Your humility is why I’ve chosen you. You stand in my presence yet you still doubt yourself worthy of the task. And make no mistake, my child, I chose you myself. I have complete confidence in you to do this.”

Haily felt His love for her. Kuil stepped pulled her up to her feet. He held her hand against his chest. He stared directly into her eyes. Haily gasped for air as she felt like she was being born again from within.

“Every time you stand in the shadows you are a part of me, Haily. Every time you shadow walk it is my touch you feel inside you. It isn’t darkness you feel, but the light in the darkness that guides you to me. I am your Father, I am your Mother, I am your Brother and Sister, and I am your kin. I love you as much as Yondalla loves you. Never forget that.”

Haily was shaking. She opened her eyes. She was on the rooftop next to the gargoyle. The necromancer’s tower stood in front of her once again. It wasn’t scary at all. The Watchers went by but she didn’t give them a second thought. She could feel the items power calling out to her. It needed her to recover it for the pantheon. To keep the world safe from Xuar and the other dark gods.

Haily closed her eyes and shadow walked into the very heart of the tower. She opened herself completely to the shadows for the first time. She felt Him there next to her. Guiding her. She knew exactly where to look for the item. It stood on the necromancer’s mantle in his room. She had shadow walked right into his lair without hesitation. The necromancer’s warding spells fizzled. She had been blessed by her Lord and moved through the room with ease.

Haily grabbed the item off the mantle. The necromancer slept soundly behind her. She didn’t even look at him. She shadow walked away back to alley she had met Kuil, as Kyle. She tucked the item under her arm. She knew the guildmaster would be proud if not a little surprised she had succeeded. It was okay. She didn’t need his favor. She was a servant of the shadow now. Haily shadow walked back to the guild house embracing her Lord’s touch with a smile as she went.


Harqual Overview (Hex Map Version)

I’ve been working on this for roughly a week now. (I think.) I had originally planned to put all the names for the icons on the map, but I discovered that it would look crowded on the map. So, I decided to add text for the most important terrain and geographical features instead. It still looks a bit crowded, but I think it turned out better. I’m likely to create regional hex maps based off this creation, but I’m going to work on something else for a while before creating child maps. I don’t have the Pro Version of Hexographer, so I’m going to have to eyeball it by tracing imported sectional images.

I can estimate that each hex is roughly 10 miles.

The Lands of Harqual
The Lands of Harqual

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Artwork: “Lands of Harqual” by Daniel Schenström

Since I’m in the middle of writing outlines for my next two posts here, I don’t really have anything else to share off the top of my head. Yes, I could fill this blog with dozens of posts based off my work on E.N. World and The Piazza, but doing that would keep me from creating new material for this blog.

Thus, I’ve decided to share another one of my favorite images that Daniel Schenström created for me for the World of Kulan. I had asked him for image that could be used as a book cover for Kulan the image below is what he designed. At the time, whenever I described Kulan, I always began with the Lands of Harqual. So, it wasn’t a surprise when he designed an image that was perfect for Harqual.

The heroes at the bottom of the image may or may not have been based on my description of The Companions of Harqual.

The Lands of Harqual

Divinities: Cronn, Father of the North Gods – Part 2


“hunting monster” Copyright © Kyoung Hwan Kim

The clergy of Cronn is an eclectic lot. There is little structure when it comes to how followers of the Northfather organize themselves. Structure is loose unless lives are on the line. In the Northlands, life is difficult and dangerous, so the clergy of Cronn is more likely to follow the orders of their teachers. Often it is a barbarian/cleric or a spirit shaman devoted to Cronn that controls all spiritual aspects of a tribe even if there are other deities worshiped by members of the tribe. However, Cronn is not a taskmaster, so his barbarian followers are rarely power hungry. In fact, if the tribe didn’t need them for survival, they would likely be loners enjoying the wonders of the cold north. Barbarian tribes devoted to Cronn are often lead by a powerful barbarian/cleric or a a ranger. Druids are, surprisingly, rare amongst the tribes of the Northlands. Spirit shamans fill this niche amongst tribes of Northerner humans.

In contrast to the worshipers of Cronn in the Northlands, the newly ordained clergy of the Northfather in the Kingdom of Ahamudia is highly structured. As a Transformation land, Ahamudia has fought to survive in the Lands of Harqual. Their war with the Empire of Swords is well documented, but few know much about how the kingdom has adapted to a new world. It helped greatly to gain to favor of Cronn and the god’s official title in Ahamudia is Lord of Our People. His faith has spread through the populace and a new clerical order sprung up soon after Cronn’s avatar appeared on the field of battle. Ahamudia’s new king, Loghan Halonnan [NG male Kiltannian human Clr10/Sen5 (Cronn)], converted to worship Cronn immediately after the battle, and he is considered the pontiff of the Church of the Northfather.

King Loghan’s official religious title is First Sentinel of Cronn. The clergy under him is organized in a similar way to the old Javeldian and Kiltannian churches. Since the church is new, it has few restrictions when it comes to who can call themselves clergy. For while the bulk of the priests in the church are non-spellcasters, there are a significant number of clerics, rangers, and holy warriors who are considered full members of the clergy. The holy warriors on the Church of the Northfather are mainly sentinels like King Loghan, although are a few avengers, as well. Druids dedicated to Cronn are unknown in the kingdom and there are very few adepts of Cronn in Ahamudia and they aren’t members of the church (by choice). It should be noted that worship of Cronn is considered a blasphemy in many of the lands of the Old Sword Imperium. Relations between those lands and Ahamudia remain tense.

Beyond the extreme northern lands, the worship of Cronn becomes more about the individual than the group. In the Eastern Shores, for example, there is structure to worship but it is rarely codified across the entire region. In contrast, the worship of Cronn is very loose and subjective in the Old Warlands in the west. (For those that might have read about the Lands of Harqual in the past, the region I’m referring to used to be called by several different names — Sword Gulf Region, Wild Plains Region, etc. The Old Warlands now refers to all the northern lands south of the Ragik Peninsula but north of the Cadra Forest and Lake Nest.) Cronn’s worship isn’t considered widespread in the west, but it has gained strength in the region since the true prophet named Taith-El [NG male human Bbn8/FvS8 (Cronn)] came to the Onan Territories in 749 N.C. Since his arrival, faith in the Northfather has been renewed amongst the Onan peoples living in the Territories and amongst the Onan nomads of the plains throughout the Old Warlands.

In the past, the bulk of what could be called clergy of Cronn in the Northern Heartlands were isolated druids and few cold-loving rangers along with numerous charlatans pretending to be prophets of the North Gods. Since the appearance of Cronn’s avatar during the Ahamudian-Imperium War, strong clerical traditions have been renewed in the Northern Heartlands. Druidic circles devoted specifically to Cronn have appeared and the number of rangers who worship the Father of the North Gods has tripled in the western half of the Northern Heartlands. While the worship of Cronn never left the Eastern Shores, it temples and clergy have gained new converts and followers since the avatar appeared. Clerics are the most common clergy in the Eastern Shores with a few rangers and a scattering of adepts. Druids devoted to Cronn are more likely to live isolated lives in the Great Harqualian Forest. The main exception is in the Barony of Wolffire (also known as the Barbarian Lands of the Fiery Wolf) where Cronn is the patron deity of the country.

In the Southern Heartlands, the worship of Cronn is highly irregular. Traditions vary greatly and individual followers usually choose their own sacred tenets. Cold-loving druids are quite rare in the borderlands between the north and the Great Expanse and even fewer of them are devoted to Cronn. The clergy of the Northfather, if you can call them that, in these lands are most often adepts only. True clerics of Cronn are rare in the southern half of Northern Harqual. More often than not, a powerful ranger will devote him- or herself to Cronn as a matter of personal choice or conviction. Often the person is trying to forge a stronger connection with Harqual barbaric past. The one land with a strong tradition in devotion to Cronn is the Monarchy of Avion. The queen of the kingdom, Lady Felicia Gerrard III [N female Avionalle human Ari5/Clr10 (Aegir)/Incarnate10 (Mirella)], has a strong spiritual connection with Taith-El and many of his followers migrated south to Avion City to rebuild the faith in the Monarchy. Thus, the kingdom is one of the few places in the Southern Heartlands with numerous clergy of Cronn — including adepts, clerics, rangers, and even avengers.

South of the Monarchy of Avion the lands become more hostile toward the followers of Cronn. The Storm Peninsula is dominated by the tabaxi who control the Storm Jungle with iron claws. Devoted worshipers of the Northfather in the region are usually avengers from Avion fighting against the tyranny of the tabaxi and their evil god, Tu. As well, the lands on the peninsula are very warm, which means that clerics devoted to a god of the cold feels uncomfortable. Followers of Cronn who live on the peninsula are usually adepts and live, dangerously, in the Reth Mountains. The mountains are home to the numerous Reth Tribes — evil humanoids, mainly gnolls, goblinoids and orcs. Beyond the Southern Heartlands, the Great Expanse dominates the landscape. One would think that once the desert took hold that worshipers of the Northfather would disappear. In fact, there are more worshipers in the region known as The Bulge than on the Storm Peninsula. The desert is known to get bitterly cold at night, which means that those who understand such temperatures are welcome here. However, the clergy of Cronn in this region is still limited mainly to adepts. However, it is here that a new type of worshiper is found, the witch. The female witches of the Great Expanse see Cronn as the Great Grandfather and believe they are descended directly from his Divine Children.

In the lands of the Far South, beyond the Great Expanse, the number of worshipers devoted to the Father of the North Gods is reduced significantly. The Northfather doesn’t have any sort of organized faith in the southern lands of Harqual. The deity hasn’t been forgotten here; it’s just that there are so few humans here who pay him any sort of respect. Cronn is honored more by the rakasta than by humans in the Far South. The rakasta honor Cronn’s connection to their god, Rel, but only a handful of rakasta truly worship him, and they are considered odd (but not outcasts). The few humans who do preach the words of Cronn are primarily adepts (called hedge priests) or evangelists (who are unscrupulous charlatans). Human or half-elf rangers who live and hunt in the mountains of the Far South might say a prayer to Cronn before venturing into the wilderness to ward off the cold.

  • Clergy: Standard Classes – Adept, Avenger, Cleric, Ranger, and Spirit Shaman. Nonstandard Classes – Dragon Shaman, Druid, Favored Soul, Healer, Sentinel, Witch of the Great Expanse (see below). Allowed Multiclass: Barbarian, Fighter, Savage Bard (variant from Unearthed Arcana), Scout, and Swashbuckler. Forbidden Multiclass: Bard, Beguiler, Duskblade, Hexblade, Knight (n/a), Ninja (n/a), Paladin, Rogue, Samurai (n/a), Shugenja (n/a), Sorcerer, Spellthief, Warlock, Warmage, Wizard, and Wu Jen (n/a).
    • Witches of the Great Expanse: Witch characters devoted to Cronn use the alternate spell list on p. 175 the DMG v.3.5, but they cast spells as a favored soul not as a sorcerer and they use Table 3–6: The Cleric on p. 31 of the PHB v.3.5 for BAB and saves, as well as the following modified clerical abilities: bonus languages as cleric, cannot cast evil or lawful spells, one clerical domain, and turn undead at 1/2 the character’s witch level.)
  • Clerical Domains: Chaos, Cold, Community, Family, North *, Protection, Rage *, Strength. *North and Rage are homebrewed domains for the World of Kulan.
  • Recommended Prestige Classes: Standard – Animal Lord, Bear Warrior, Beastmaster, Bloodhound, Frenzied Berserker, Frostrager, Highland Stalker, Holy Liberator, Horizon Walker, Hunter of the Dead, Nature’s Warrior, Outcast Champion, Tempest, Wild Plains Outrider, Wildrunner, Stormcaster, Stormlord, Stormsinger, and War Chanter. Nonstandard – Cloud Anchorite, Darkwood Stalker, Dervish, Dread Pirate, Divine Crusader, Evangelist, Frost Mage, Halfling Outrider, Leviathan Hunter, Master Thrower, Order of the Bow Initiate, Primeval, Ruathar, Scarlet Corsair, Sea Witch, Stonelord, Virtuoso, Warpriest, Warshaper, and Wayfarer Guide.
  • Racial Diversity: While Cronn is a human deity, he has numerous worshipers amongst a variety of races, especially those peoples who live in the Northlands. If a race isn’t listed below as a standard or a nonstandard race for the Northfather’s clergy, it doesn’t mean members of that race cannot choose Cronn as their patron deity. It means that is is unusual. Treat any race not listed in any of the lists below as being restricted.
    • Standard Races – Centaurs, Dwarves (Gletscher and High), Elves (Forest and ‘Silver Wild’), Giants (Tel’Meth Frost), Half-Elves, Halflings (Northchild), Humans (Blaiddtân, Dalenmann, Javeldian, Northlander, Onan Wildman, and Vindi), and Rakastas.
    • Nonstandard Races – Dwarves (Bitran and Hill), Elves (Aphranæn and Silver), the Gema, Gnomes (Bitran or Rockwood), Half-Orcs, Halflings (Hairfoot or Nihil), Humans (Avionalle, Arkhanglese, Denilan, Firbolgs, Lochfolk, Onan, and Rethanthi), Neanderthals, Shatjans, and the Vonakyndra.
    • Restricted Races – Dragonborn, Dwarves (Torin), Elves (Gray and Rmoahali), the Feytouched, Gnomes (Whisper), Halflings (Lightfoot), Half-Ogres, Hobgoblins, Humans (Callan, Freiian, Kieli, Kiltannian, Ruelian, and Toraane), the Kha, Kobolds, and Lizardfolk (all).
    • Forbidden Races – Dwarves (Janderhoff and Kazadrach), Elves (Blood), Goblins (Dekanter and Snow), Halflings (Jerren), Half-Vampires, Humans (Kunnian, Meai, Sprache, Tahrannuti, Xuarite, and any Transformation human ethnicity that isn’t noted above [subject to change]), Morlocks, the Tabaxi, Tri-clops, Varags, and Zebranaurs.
  • Recommended Skills and Feats: Skills – Climb, Handle Animal, Heal, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (nature), Listen, Ride, Spot, and Survival. Feats – Alertness, Animal Affinity, Athletic, Blind-Fight, Brew Potion, Combat Reflexes, Endurance, Enlarge Spell, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (net), Great Fortitude, Leadership, Mounted Combat [Mounted Archery, Ride-By Attack, Trample], Natural Spell, Point Blank Shot [Far Shot, Shot on the Run], Power Attack [Cleave, Great Cleave], Run, Self-Sufficient, Silent Spell, Skill Focus (Survival), Still Spell, Toughness, Track, Weapon Focus (any axe or spear).
  • Tenets: Barbarian way of life, community and family, survival of the tribe, protecting all of Harqual from evil-doers, do not fear the cold but respect it.
  • Vesture and Weaponry: The clergy of Cronn wear whatever will keep them warm. Player characters should invest in a cold weather outfit at the very least. Hide and studded leather armor is a common choice amongst the clergy. Metal armor is rarely worn. When it comes to weapons, the clergy prefer axes, especially the greataxe since it is the favored weapon of Cronn. Bows and spears are also good choices. Very few of Cronn’s clergy would ever use a sword, although there are a few converts in the Kingdom of the Ahamudia who refused to give up their blades. The most exotic weapon a member of the clergy will use is a net. Netting fish during the summer months is a longstanding tradition, which led to its use as a weapon.
  • Allies of the Faith: The faithful who worship any of the North Gods. Any good-aligned clerics of Apollo. The forest and silver elves of the Great Forest. The frost giants of Tel’Meth. Druids and dragons that protect the Balance. All good-hearted fey creatures, especially those .that worship Damh.
  • Enemies of the Faith: Evil humanoids especially gnolls, mountain orcs, and the tabaxi. The followers of the Sword Gods. Evil peoples who worship other dark gods. Blood elves and their demonic allies. Dragons that have turned away from the Balance. The ogre scions and their followers.