Upcoming: another hex map

I’ve been working on a new hexographer map for the Lands of Harqual, but it’s not quite ready to post here. It’s been taking up all my time regarding World of Kulan. The work in progress can be seen here: Facebook link.

The region is known as the Eastern Shores and was the home region for my Companions of Harqual AD&D 2E campaign. Since that campaign, the region has gone through major changes including multiple wars. The biggest change was in the kingdom known as Thallin. Thallin’s king died suddenly, poisoned by his son, and the result was a civil war. A large portion of the country seceded from Thallin and eventually joined the territory known as The Highlands.

King Varath refused to give up the lands and the civil war dragged on for years. As well, the Mad One reformed the country into an iron-fisted theocracy devoted to the evil Sword God known as Nether. Demihumans are persecuted (and enslaved) in the theocracy and the king has formed an alliance with an infamous orc land (in the region known as the Thunder Lands) known as the Black Kingdom of the Thunder Orcs.

The armies of Thallin have even invaded the Kingdom of Stonn, which proves that King Varath is insane. Stonn has long been the powerhouse of the region, yet somehow the armies of the theocracy win as many battles as they lose. It is whispered that King Varath has made pacts with evil entities that are tipping the balance of power in Thallin’s favor.

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