New Map: The Horse Lands

For those following on the World of Kulan Facebook Group, you’ve likely seen the work-in-progress hex map for this region. The map is now finalized. Instead of posting tons of information about the map here, I’ll just point you, dear reader, to the proper post on The Piazza for more details — The Horse Lands. The information was written off the original, less detailed, map of the region created with Campaign Cartographer 2. This is the first hex map of a full region of Kanpur. I had previously created hex maps for areas of the Western Lands for my play-by-post Bluffside campaign; however, this map is the first of what I hope will be many more Kanpur hex maps. The continent has always been too big to get a handle on in CC2. I’m finding it is working better to recreate the world in Hexographer (with text added in Paint.NET).

The Horse Lands

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