New Map: The Center Lands

Here is my latest Kulan creation with Inkwell Ideas’ Hexographer. This hex map shows the region known as The Center Lands, which is located south of The Horse Lands (see my previous post). The region is very Greek in origin with several Greek-like alliances of city-states, as well as an early Roman-like country with ties to the “Italian” state in the region known as The Northwest.

Beyond the core Greek area are the Free Cities (most notably Sharn) to the southwest, the Haunted Lands and Yikarian Mountains to the south, and the Jungle of Monsters to the southeast. While the Free Cities (also known as the Dragonmarked Cities) are considered part of The Center Lands, both the Haunted Lands and the Jungle of Monsters are not. The northern edges of the Yikarian Mountains can be said to be part of the region but only as far south as Dracoiad in the west and Takanrud Castle in the east.

The land known as Assylonia is part of The Center Lands while both Gath and Phillistia are not. The bestway to look at it is that anything south of the city-state of Raphia on the coast south of Sharn is not considered part of The Center Lands. In the northeast, the cutoff point is Thayis and its vassel city-state Dmirus. Thayis is based on Thay from the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign setting. Southwest of Thayis is the monstrous Greek land of Scyllas. Beyond Scyllas’ eastern border lies the depths of the Jungle of Monsters. Scyllas does have a few outpost in the jungle none beyond the pyramid known as Epharnae.

The two primary Greek “nations” are Aegis and Valenas. Aegis is Hellenistic while Valenas will be based more on the Seleucid Empire.The Center Lands

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