New Map: The Thunder Rift Region

I’ve finally redone this region for the Lands of Harqual. I had a previous hex map for it, but it wasn’t based on the continental map I’ve now done for Harqual, so I had to revise it. I’ve recently increase the size of the Lands of Harqual in comparison with the world’s other continents, such as the Fallenlands and Kanpur. This change has significantly increased the size of my homebrewed version of the Thunder Rift.

Correction! Each hex on this map is equal to 15 miles. (I had mistakenly thought that each hex was equal to 30 miles per hex but I forgot to take into acoount that I’d used a regional map for the Thunder Lands as my overlay map in Hexographer.)

People familiar with the Thunder Rift will likely be able to note certain locales that match the official version; however, I’ve renamed all of the towns and villages of the rift so that don’t fixate too much on the official version. I once had the main Thunder Rift book, but I sold it because when I bought it used, it didn’t have the map with it. (This was before discovering that many fans had recreated the maps online for their own purposes. Hindsight and all that.)

Also on this map are lands that exist near the rift. To the north and northwest are the orcish lands known as Kingdom of the Thunder Orcs, which is ruled from Vish’Na’Ka. To the west and southwest are the mountain vales allied to either Thunder Pass or the Barony of Liran. To the south is Lake Henagan and the various communities that pay homage to either Liran or the Sovereignty of Yuln. To the southeast are the wild Sallow Plains and its unruly clans. To the east are the Brand Hills, which separates Yuln’s influence from the Strandlands, which lies to the northeast.

Thunder Rift Revised
Lands of Harqual: Thunder Rift

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