Campaign Map: Bluffside Region

It’s finally finished! After several versions of this map that I’ve eventually rejected, I’ve finally finalized the map of the lands surrounding Bluffside: City on the Edge, as it exists on Kulan. As with the Bard’s Gate map, I’m not going to post tons of details about the lands on the map. I don’t want to spoil anything for my play-by-post players on The Piazza.

Beyond a few town and terrain names that come from the Bluffside sourcebook, most of what exists on this map is homebrewed. The Coldwind Forest detailed in the Bluffside book has been broken down into several interconnected subregions. While Bluffsiders often refer to the entire expanse of forest as the Coldwind Forest, the peoples living in the forests do not.

The same is true for the Red Mountains, which the various lands north of the range call Montagne Rosse. In truth, the mountains west of Kingdom of High Morria are actually called Kniyan Mounts. Only the eastern mountain range is known as the Red Mountains.Bluffside Campaign Map