The Lost Son of Silverleaf

A cool mist clings to the ground around the shores of Lake Silverleaf. The elven paths and roads of the forest kingdom are leading Jeddar home to a world he’d forgotten. He marvels at how little it has changed in all these years. Janardûn, lying across Aegir’s Sea, had become the home of his heart. He wished he was still standing on the rocky cliffs that tumbled down from the expansive heights along the island-continent’s eastern lands. To be there, instead of here in the heartlands of his ancestral home.

Myskya walks with him towards his familiar, yet now alien, life. There is some solace in that. He will always be the adopted son of the High One of the Silver Leaves, Menkhar Silversun. Each step feels like a betrayal of the love he now shares with Myskya and her kin, the Shoyir. The beauty of the woodlands now pales in his eyes compared to the wondrous serenity of the frosted deserts where Myskya and her kin renew their vows to the desert and to each other.

Jeddar glances towards here with concern. He knows full well that the closeness of so many trees might overwhelm and terrify her. Instead, he sees a look of wonder and tears of new  joy at what she sees all around her.

“It’s more beautiful than even your words and songs of it,” she gasps.

Jeddar smiles and takes her hand. He leads her through the paths with a renewed hope. The animals of the elvish woods come to greet her. They are curious, as they seem to sense her ancient bloodline — one of the oldest on Kulan. She takes to them like a primordial elven Goddess of Nature discovering new worshipers.

“There are so many of them,” say says. She laughs as a rabbit nuzzles her toes. “Sing to them, my love.”

Jeddar nods. Soon his voice rises above the trees to catch the wind, which carries his words deep into the forests of his homeland. The gathering of beasts and birds are soon transfixed by the deep sounds rising from his throat. He sings the “Ballad of Krofta.” Am homage to his lovely lady. Nature stops to listen to the bard’s song and all the small animals gather around the desert princess, as she sits on a nearby stone. Badgers, chipmunks, raccoon, rabbits, and more sit next to her with no fear. A family of deer come to listen and graze on the grass. In the distance a wolf sings back to the bard, yet all remains calm. A large black bear sits on the edge of the road entranced by Jeddar’s voice.

Jeddar ends the ballad with a rising tone. The deer balk, but the rabbits stay. He kneels down before his amour and takes her hands. “Come, my darling dear,” he says. “My father will want to meet you. He will adore you, I am sure.”

“Husband,” Myskya coos. They kiss, as he pulls her up to her feet. They hold each other amongst the gaze of half the wild forest. Then, the two continue down the path towards the capital city of the silver elves of the Great Forest.