New Hex Map: Cold Barrens Region

Here is brand new hex map of the cold desert known as the Cold Barrens. I’ve been working on this one for several weeks. This is the start of revising my hex maps for the Lands of Harqual. While I was somewhat happy with how the overview map for the Eastern Shores came out, I soon came to regret overdoing the ‘unique’ icon colors on the map. Plus the border colors got in the way of the map’s design. Thus, the new maps won’t have as many icons with unique colors and I’m not going to even try to add political lines or details on the maps.

Each hex on this map equals 24 miles. That will now be the standard for maps at this level of detail. I will likely do maps of key areas at 8 miles per hex, but that won’t be for a while.

Click here to see the full-size version of the map.

Cold Barrens Region