Bluffside Feat Guide (PDF version)

For my players of my Bluffside play-by-post campaign taking place over on The Piazza.

Bluffside Feats


Old City Campaign Map [Bluffside]

This map is for my Bluffside pbp game going on over on The Piazza. This is the players version of the map. The map is taken from the Bluffside city maps that were provided the gurus who run Samurai Sheepdog and created Bluffside: City on the Edge (originally through MEG).

The locations shown are standard keyed locations from the d20 version of the Bluffside sourcebook. The PCs are currently in the Golden Lantern seaking information from Rosenberg about what has been happening around his inn. The PCs are beginning a renewed hunt for a renegade sorcerer named Phelix Del Cannitha, formerly of Sharn.

Old City Campaign Map
Original Image is Copyright Samurai Sheepdog. This altered image is for gaming purposes only.

New Map: The Northwest

The Northwest is to the continent of Kanpur what the Eastern Shores is to the Lands of Harqual. It was the first area of the continent that quickly came together in my mind. The region is a mashup of many different ideas and sourcebooks. It all began around MEG’s Bluffside: City on the Edge, which is one of my favorite sourcebooks that came out during the time of the d20 System/OGL rush. With it came the second sourcebook for the setting, Dry Land: Empire of the Dragon Sands. I didn’t love it as much but I really liked the idea of the dragori so it entered the World of Kulan as well. (The setting has two adventure books as well, which have been placed on Kanpur too.)

Beyond the Bluffside books, I’ve placed parts of Living Imaginations TWIN CROWNS d20 System setting in Northwest Kanpur. Originally, I had only the Streets of Silver sourcebook as part of Kanpur, but I after I bought the main campaign setting book, all of Novarum entered the world. With the creation of this hex map, I’ve also placed Falia on Kanpur while moving the land I call Montresor (inspired by Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado”) to a slightly different area in the region. I’m not sure what else from the TWIN CROWNS setting I’m going to embed into the World of Kulan, but I’m sure there will be plent of room for more of the setting now that I’ve increased the world’s size, overall.

Also in The Northwest are lands inspired by Arthurian legend (the island of Gwyrdhyn), the Basque country (called Almadon), Castilian Spain (called Talangrán), the Roman Empire in decline (called Ticinum), West Francia (called Coeurdî), a former Ticinum province based on Pannonia (called Várad), a former colony the Greek land known as Aegis (called Tarminan), and several standard fantasy-styled kingdoms.

There are also key city-states, like Bluffside, that exist outside of the other kingdoms. Too many to mention them all. The most important of these city-states are as follows: Barcino (based on Ancient Barcelona), Calabax & Muzevan (nonhuman city-states), Ibrail (in the Burning Desert), Perten (from the Bluffside setting), and Tânger (Ancient Tangier).

The lands north of the Endwald and Stoneheim Mountains is actually part of the region known as The Far North. Waldheim is part of The Northwest more politically than The Far North, however. It has some ties to Falia is often at odds with Talangrán and Montresor. The map needed to be as large as it is to fit all of Gwyrdhyn onto it. Doing so has allowed me to added some details to the north and to the southern lands southwest of the Dragon Sands (the overall name for the lands surrounding the Burning Desert), as well as the Baidhin Islands.

Here’s a list of new kingdom and/or regional names on this map: Aarithas (elven celts), Aexigoth, Exicalan Coast, Ealdur (Authurian), Gadirath, Ingrizar (nonhuman celts), Iögílara, the Kingdom of the Morgaths, Lliacladria (elven Authurian), Saivias, and the Sarafandian Thalassocracy. The name Kotimma is also new. It replaces an older name that I was never comfortable with. The new name was suggested by one of my PbP players (who is from Finland) on The Piazza.

Northwest Kanpur
Northwest Kanpur